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Apollo Video Technology provides premium solutions for Government and Military Applications. The Mil-Spec and SAE rated RoadRunner DVR provides reliable operations in all climate types and features:

Industry Leading Performance: Performing with little to no maintenance for years longer than other systems, the RoadRunner™ system is easier to maintain and more affordable. The system can be easily upgraded and expanded offering maximum value for growing applications. Utilizing H.264 or MPEG-4 compression, the RoadRunner™ system provides months of on-board storage, maintenance-free operations and system wide remote updates.

Secure Video Clips: Video clips feature optional password protection, watermarking and 128-bit encryption to ensure video is authentic and secure. System settings are secured with password protected access-rights for up to 64 groups and 256 users. Removable hard disk drives provides secure portable evidence.

Simultaneous Recording: The system is configured to automatically begin recording, eliminating user error and continues to record even during playback, archiving and performing administration functions.

Rugged Steel Construction: The steel constructed digital video recorder is Mil-Spec and SAE rated for proven durability and reliability in harsh mobile environments. Including license-free software, unlimited updates and a 2-year warranty, the RoadRunner™ system provides superior quality in an easy to use system that provides years of reliable service.

Easy System Management: License free and included software allows for easy fleet-wide system updates. The optional GPS includes the iSM™(Interactive Speed and Mapping) Interface featuring historical mapping and speed graphs.  With automatic health system checks and email notification for events, hard drive status and failures, the RoadRunner™ system provides easy system management.

Longest Recording Durations: The RoadRunner™ system records months of high quality video with storage up to 2.0TB and provides quick and easy search functions with several easy options for archiving secure video clips.

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