Law Enforcement

Rugged, Mil-Spec Rated
Longer In-Car Recording Durations for "Always-On" Recording
Secure Video Evidence

The RoadRunner™ Digital Video Recorder delivers the highest quality video and audio recording and is backed by an industry-leading 2-year warranty. Designed and manufactured specifically for use in mobile applications, the RoadRunner™ system will deliver years of high quality video recording at the lowest cost of ownership. Featuring user-friendly, license-free software the system is intuitive, rugged, easy to use and designed to provide the video that you need, when you need it.

iSM™ (Interactive Speed and Mapping) Interface: Utilizing the optional GPS feature, video searching is easy. Simply select a point on the map or a selected speed for instant video access from that location or speed. The iSM™ interface provides street names and geographical data for route and stop information:

  • Collect comprehensive visual evidence with speed and location data
  • Graphically display location, street and intersection names for assistance locating fleeing suspects and discarded evidence
  • Provides video, location and speed evidence to supplement report writing
  • Illustrates road topography and landmarks related to traffic stops and police activity

Brochures and Specifications:
RoadRunner In-Car System Brochure
Cameras and Wireless Audio Brochure

Download Video Clips:
The following video clip is in the proprietary Clip-Copy format, which features watermarking, encyrption and optional password-protected viewing access. RIGHT CLICK on the link below and select "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." to transfer the file to a folder on your computer for playback. There is no software required for viewing Clip-Copy format video clips.  Law Enforcement Clip-Copy Video Clip

Video Sample, Police Pursuit

Click the image to launch video playback

Video Sample, Police Pursuit

Click the image to launch video playback

Case Study

Keeping an Eye on Crime and Safety: Once Plagued by Aging and Unstable In-Car Video Systems, Dade City Police Department Enjoys Years of Reliable Video - on Patrol and at the Office

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