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Why replace your video system every 3 years?

Purchase a quality system that lasts.  The RoadRunner™ system is designed to provide 5 or more years of high quality reliable video - saving your district time and money.

The RoadRunner™ school bus camera system delivers the highest quality school transportation video and audio recording and is backed by a 2-year warranty. Designed and manufactured for use in heavy transit applications, the system's rugged steel construction is Mil-Spec and SAE rated for proven durability and tolerance in harsh mobile applications and will deliver years of high quality video recording at the lowest cost of ownership.

Industry-Leading Performance

Interactive Speed & Mapping Interface

Highest Reliability, Lowest Cost of Ownership

Rugged Steel Construction

Longest Recording Duration

Easy Archiving of Video

Featuring user-friendly and license-free software the system is intuitive, easy to use and designed to provide the video that you need, when you need it.     

Providing industry-leading video quality, effortless off-loading of video, easy to use license-free software and proven reliability, the RoadRunner™ system offers the best quality school bus surveillance video, features and the latest technology in a system designed and manufactured for long-lasting performance. 

Brochures and Specifications:
RoadRunner School Bus System | DVR Technical Specs
RoadRunner System Cameras and Accessories

Wireless LAN, WT221 Series

Wireless Cellular, WC320 Series

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