The RoadRunner™ Systemcompany-transit-cameras

With public and private-sector installations throughout North America and worldwide, the RoadRunner™ mobile video and audio recording system provides exceptional video quality with management software optimized for wireless downloading and live video streaming.

Renowned for its reliability, durability and ease of use, Apollo Video solutions improve accessibility of data and deliver streamlined, fleet-wide management of video surveillance and on-board equipment to reduce liability, mitigate risk, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance and operating costs. Apollo Video is unique in the industry with software interoperability and compatibility across multiple generations of hardware.

#1 Supplier in the Americas

In 2017, Apollo Video was named the No. 1 supplier of transit bus mobile video surveillance equipment in the Americas (IHS World Markit Report for Mobile Video Surveillance and Body Worn Cameras) – an achievement held since 2010 that further supports the company’s commitment to offer its customers superior, compatible solutions throughout the lifetime of their fleet. 

Since its release in 2004, Apollo Video has supplied the RoadRunner system to over 400 agencies worldwide, representing more than 30,000 total implementations for: