Apollo Brings HD to Transit

October 14, 2014
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Apollo Video Technology has introduced a Plug-and Play HD system that operates just like an analog camera system. It automatically configures the camera and uploads any firmware that camera may need, and automatically puts the camera in the correct location.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Video Surveillance Investment

Security Products
September 15, 2014
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Transit systems across the country strive to make the smartest investments to improve community safety and provide valuable resources for law enforcement.  Mobile video surveillance technology is one investment that impacts each of these groups in different ways.  

How Transit Video Surveillance Systems Play an Important Role in Security and Efficiency

Security Today
April 01, 2013
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Across the country, agencies are beginning to acknowledge the need for, and reap the benefits of, having reliable mobile video surveillance and DVR equipment on their vehicles. Many agencies are going about mobile security procurement in a tech-savvy way that not only increases safety and security, but improves operations as well.

Apollo's surveillance products expand capabilities, efficiencies

Metro Magazine
August 10, 2011
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Apollo Video Technology's RoadRunner line of mobile surveillance equipment can be found in more than 315 public transportation agencies across the nation. As mobile video surveillance dominates the transit technology conversation, the newest trend sees transit managers turning to software to extend their capabilities, increase efficiencies and save money.

Watching out for bus safety

American City and County
July 01, 2011
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San Diego updates its transit surveillance system to transmit video wirelessly and expand central management capabilties

Technology Improves Public Transportation Fleet Management

Public Risk
April 01, 2011
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Surveillance cameras are popping up everywhere in America, including deployment on many public transportation systems in small rural communities and large metropolitan cities. Yet most people would probably be surprised to know what is on the other side of the lens and how these tools help risk professionals manage public transporation fleets.

Surveillance Society

Security Products
February 01, 2011
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According to King County Sheriff Sue Rahr, the Route 358 bus is one of nearly 400 Metro coaches currently equipped with such state-of-the-art video equipment. She said there is a more than 90 percent arrest rate for crimes captured on video...

How to maximize your video surveillance system investment

Metro Magazine
January 03, 2011
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In this Q&A session, Rodell Notbohm, a seven-year veteran of manufacturing on-board video surveillance systems for Apollo Video Technology, addresses the factors that influence total cost of ownership and discusses strategies to make the most of capital gains to keep operating costs low.

DVRs, iPhone/iPad app technology used to promote officer safety in the field

Public Safety IT
August 06, 2010
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Law enforcement agencies can now use digital video recorders (DVRs) in local mass transit and rail vehicles thanks to a new technology offered by a domestic supplier.

Cameras Fighting Crime

Action News
April 30, 2010
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Apollo Video Technology customer, Jacksonville Transportation Authority (Florida) is interviewed after the RoadRunner video surveillance system captures vital video evidence of a bus rider incident. Click here to view the broadcast from Action News Jacksonville.

Suspected bus bandit busted

CTV Winnipeg
February 18, 2010
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As a result of the investigation conducted by Division 11 Detectives, with a little help from the surveillance footage from the camera on the bus, the suspect was quickly identified and apprehended.

Supply Chain Corporate Profile: Winnipeg Transit

Executive Digital
September 01, 2009
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Security cameras have been installed system wide and installation of a new fare collection system, likely involving smart card technology, will start next year.

What to Consider Before Equipping Your Fleet with Video Surveillance

Metro Magazine
August 01, 2009
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While technological advances are happening at a faster rate, when looking for a video system that fits your needs, considering the basics such as video quality, user-friendliness and video storage are still key.


Government Technology
April 13, 2009
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Video surveillance system helps Jacksonville, Fla., investigate customer complaints and keeps passengers and employees safe.

Bus video proves key in arrest of stabbing suspect

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
October 09, 2008
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"This coach camera system is proving to be valuable," Federal Way police Cmdr. Stan McCall said. "If not for the images, of course, all we would have to go on would be a detailed description."

Cameras, GPS units to be installed in Tacoma School Buses

September 14, 2007
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The cameras will capture the kids getting onto the bus, and the GPS unit will track the ride the entire way. Students will also swipe ID cards when they get on and off the bus, so that district officials and parents will know exactly who's on board.

Candid Cameras for Trains

Chicago Tribune
December 16, 2006
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"The cameras are intended not only as a tool in accident investigation but will also identify trespassing, security and vandalism problems along rail lines." said Richard Soukup, the agency's chief mechanical officer.

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