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Tech Tips

Installation & Configuration:
RsM: Transferring Remote Sites from RASplus to RsM Software
Saving and Loading a Configuration
GPSConnecting and Confuring
Network SettingsChanging Network Adapter Settings
RASplus / Remote Site
Creating Remote Site and Connecting to RASplus
CF1 CameraCamera Configuration and Focus
VioNet 3000 Series Mobile Routers: Sim Card Activation and Installation
Time Settings
: Configuring the DVR time setting
Zoom Camera Settings: Custom Settings and Factory Defaults
Video Switcher: Installation of the Video Switcher
IP Set-up Options: Tips on connecting the RoadRunner  to a laptop or a LAN network
Email Notification Setup: Configuring the RoadRunner DVR to send email notification based on events, camera obstructions, etc. 

Basic Operation:
Preventative Maintenance: Recommended maintenance to ensure consistent, ongoing operation and reliability
Camera Field of View
Table of field of view for Apollo cameras
Recommended Preventative Maintenance
Recommended maintenance to ensure consistent, ongoing performance
Automatic Clip-Copy Function
: How to save video clips directly to a USB drive 
Saving / Printing the Event Log
: How to view, save and / or print the Event Log from the RAS.
Choosing the Correct Camera Lens: Tips on determining the correct lens type based on field and angle of view
Saving Video Directly to Disk: Using DLA Software, you can now easily save video directly to a CD or DVR 

Exporting Voltage and Temperature Information: How to view and save data from RASplus Software
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Hard Disk Drive Detection Issues
: How to connect to an HDD using Windows Vista™.
Playback Display Issues: How to adjust the video format settings to correct Minibank video playback.

ViM (Vehicle Information Management) Software:
Email Notification Outside of the Network: How to configure email notifications for a different domain in ViM


RsM Software:

RsM (RoadRunner Secure Management) Software Updated: 10/23/2014
License-free RsM Software is used for set-up, viewing and downloading video from the RoadRunner HD Recorder, RoadRunner MRH and MR series DVRs.

RASplus Software:

RASplus (Remote Administration Software) PLUS Updated: 04/08/2013
License-free Remote Administrative Software PLUS (RASplus) is used for set-up, viewing and downloading video from the RoadRunner MR and MRH series DVR. This version is compatible with firmware version 1.3.

Previous versions of RAS and RASplus:
RASplus (Remote Adminstrative Software) PLUS Update: 08/20/2012; RASplus (Remote Administration Software) PLUS Updated: 08/02/2011 RASplus (Remote Administration Software) PLUS Updated: 05/11/2011; RASplus (Remote Administration Software) PLUS Updated: 06/23/2010; RASplus (Remote Administration Software) PLUS Updated: 01/19/2010; RAS (Remote Administration Software) Updated: 09/2007

HDPlayer Software:

HDP (Hard Disk Player) Software Updated 01/29/2015
This software is used for viewing and downloading video from a hard drive using the Hard Disk Player.

Previous version of HDPlayer Software: HDP (Hard Disk Player) Software Updated 10/25/2013; HDP (Hard Disk Player) Software Updated: 04/08/2013; HDP (Hard Disk Player) Software Updated: 08/09/2012; HDPlayer Mapping Patch: 03/14/2013 HDP (Hard Disk Player) Software Latest Update: 08/02/2011; HDPlayer Patch: 07/12/2010

MPEG-4 Codec
The MPEG-4 video codec is required for viewing and recording .AVI format files. This video codec should automatically install with the RAS and HDP Software, and can be re-installed by selecting the link above.

RsPlayer (RoadRunner Secure Player): Updated: 10/23/2014
License-free utility for secure playback of video clips downloaded from the RoadRunner DVR system. RsPlayer enhances playback with map and speed graph information.


Instructions for Updating DVR Firmware NOTE: There are several different versions of the RoadRunner DVR, which may require different firmware updates. Please contact technical support at: 888.288.8721 or by email: if you require assistance.

MRH Series DVR Firmware Update 09/2013

MR Series DVR Firmware Update 09/2011

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