A public transit provider in Northern California serving an astounding 54.1 million riders annually, sought a durable mobile video surveillance solution to operate effortlessly across its vast network. The agency searched for a solution that was carefully designed to provide exceptional service and serve as an important advancement in the agency’s commitment to public safety. Since Apollo Video Technology (Apollo Video) began installing equipment in 2010, its long-term, flexible solution has provided the agency with a reliable security partner and seamlessly adaptable equipment which meets both the agency’s current requirements and long-term needs.

The transit agency boasts 149 bus routes in a 364 million square mile service area. Prior to the installation of Apollo Video equipment, the agency used a surveillance solution that created challenges for transit managers, delivering inconsistent and spotty coverage as well as poor video quality. This resulted in inadequate or non-existent video footage after an incident involving the transit agency’s vehicles, drivers and passengers occurred.

The agency initiated a two-phase approach to install Apollo Video’s RoadRunner™ system across nearly 600 buses in 2010. With proven success of the system and high quality video footage captured during phase one, the second wave of installation went into effect the following year.

The agency was in need of a reliable video system that functioned around the clock and most importantly, provided superior image quality when video was called upon. Apollo Video’s RoadRunner system easily met those requirements and offered backward-compatibility across multi-generational hardware and software, streamlining future installations or replacements.

The ease-of-use of Apollo Video’s equipment was another added technical benefit that the agency quickly discovered. Apollo Video’s intuitive software made training of staff easy and hassle-free. The agency also contracted through the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), GILLIG, to build and deliver new vehicles fully equipped with Apollo Video’s system. Having the system installed at the OEM level, rather than retro-fitting them, guaranteed faster and easier installations, streamlined the purchase and ensured equipment was placed uniformly throughout the buses.

Video systems installed in public transit vehicles across the country have proven to be a deterrent for crime and vandalism on-board buses. As the agency evaluated video surveillance solutions it sought a partner whose technological abilities ensured it would also be making an investment in its public safety initiatives.

Throughout this transition, we hoped the presence and use of cameras and DVR equipment would improve security and safety and eliminate potential risks,” said an agency spokesperson. “Apollo Video’s equipment has regularly performed at the highest level, and the high quality image resolution from the system coupled with easy video retrieval is key to safeguarding riders and operators.”

Apollo Video’s system has also proven to be a useful tool for law enforcement. Each coach is equipped with a highly advanced DVR and a wireless access point that allows law enforcement to log-in locally through in-vehicle laptops within 100 feet of a bus. Such access gives first responders a live view of on-board activity providing command and control capabilities to review previously recorded footage prior to boarding the bus. Wireless access also allows law enforcement to determine in real-time if a bus needs to be stopped in order to assist with incidents.

Thanks to the amount of high quality video that Apollo Video’s system generates, the local police department regularly calls upon the agency to provide video footage that contains information critical to incidents including crimes. These requests for video have helped in investigations by identifying perpetrators and subjects of criminal activity. Vandalism on-board buses has also decreased with the installation of Apollo Video equipment, and the agency has seen a decrease in unfounded liability claims.

One item that remains at the forefront of the agency’s agenda is putting the technology infrastructure in place to support video management software capabilities to allow operators to manage, view, and share video as well as monitor onboard equipment in a wireless capacity.

Apollo Video’s Vehicle Information Management (ViM) Software will allow the agency to accomplish its security infrastructure needs. The software includes an archive system with both long and short-term storage options, as well as health reporting features and event statistics. The ViM Software will seamlessly integrate with the agency’s existing equipment as well as Apollo Video’s high definition video recorders – supporting the agency’s eventual migration to an all IP, high definition system while utilizing the same software platform.

From hassle-free maintenance to exceptional public safety monitoring, this transit agency is one of many across the country to benefit from the added value of a reliable and advanced video surveillance system. As the agency continues to grow and evolve, Apollo Video will serve as the long-term solution capable of meeting the agency’s ever-changing needs.

Apollo Video’s equipment has regularly performed at the highest level, and the high quality image resolution from the system coupled with easy video retrieval is key to safeguarding riders and operators

– Agency Spokesperson


California Transit Agency

  • 54.1 Million Riders Annually
  • 149 bus routes in a 364 million square mile service area
  • Faster and easier installation of video recording systems through OEM
  • Wireless AP’s allow law enforcement to log-in through in-vehicle laptops within 100 feet
  • ViM Software for long and short-term storage options, health reporting features, and event statistics
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