ViM Software provides all the information and tools required to Management-software-railpro-actively manage on-board video surveillance systems.
Designed specifically for transit environments, ViM simplifies video management, enhances the use and availability of information, maximizes resources and increases vehicle uptime.

Increase Accessibility

Video and fleet information is continuously accessible to more agency employees, even when vehicles are outside of network range, improving management of fleet operations, security and maintenance

Reduce Maintenance and Operating Costs

Simplify troubleshooting and reduce maintenance checks with ViM system health reports. Quickly dispatch maintenance crews with email notification of location, system health and events.

Improve Efficiency

Automatically upload video for immediate review without relying on driver incident reports or removing hard drives. Automated system reports eliminate manual system checks, improving staff efficiency.

Mitigate Risk and Liability

Camera health reports reduce the risk of video loss. Upload video automatically or on-demand from any vehicle to pro-actively respond to incidents. ViM provides secure video clips and a chain of custody for reliable evidence management.

Go Mobile

Apollo Video Technology’s RoadRunner™ Streaming Server App  is designed for remote access to the ViM Software Streaming Server for convenient live viewing of individual and multi-camera layouts on mobile devices. The app works with iOS™ devices running iOS 7.0 or above, as well as most Android™ devices running Google Android 2.3 or above (Ginger Bread or above).


Scalable, Fleet-Wide Compatibility

A modular application, ViM Software can be customized to meet the specific needs of your agency. For a comprehensive hosted service that manages your fleet of on-board video surveillance systems, see ViM Cloud.

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Optimized for Transit Managers

Apollo Video Technology’s ViM Software™ delivers streamlined, fleet-wide management of RoadRunner™ mobile digital video recorder systems to increase accessibility, reduce maintenance and operating costs, improve efficiency and mitigate risk and liability.

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