Apollo Video Technology’s mSET Software™ delivers streamlined, fleet-wide management of RoadRunner™ mobile recording systems and provides enhanced tools and information to proactively manage surveillance, optimize system health, streamline operations, improve operator performance and enhance safety.

mSET redefines software management systems and streaming video with an innovative, state of the art browser-based management system. Building upon years of experience and feedback from transit bus and rail agencies around the globe, mSET delivers a multi-functional fleet software management system to deliver intelligence, safety and efficiency in transit.

Increase Accessibility

• mSET enables continuously accessible video and fleet information, even when vehicles are outside of network range — improving security, maintenance, and management of fleet operations
• Simplifies the management of video data
• Intuitive user interface streamlines workflow and provides information at a glance
• Comprehensive, user-friendly and browser-based interface provides access from virtually any device
• Dashboard based design provides fast and easy drill down to key information
• Instant video playback enables users to easily identify clips of interest before reviewing the entire clip
• mSET’s browser-based user interface eliminates the need for individual workstation upgrades
• Optimized for security, mSET utilizes LDAP for secure user verification

Scalable, Fleet-Wide Compatibility

Compatible with all RoadRunner Recorders, mSET delivers a fleet-wide solution regardless of the age or size of the systems in your fleet. From paratransit systems with two or more cameras to articulated buses or trains with up to 16 cameras, mSET is seamless and scalable for expanding fleets — simply purchase additional licenses to coincide with new vehicle purchases.

Optimized for Convenience

• Graphical data indicators to easily determine connection status and administer parameters for each vehicle
• Dashboard display provides access to desired data and detailed printable reports
• LDAP user verification ensures data is accessible and secure

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mSET™ Software provides all the information and tools required to proactively manage on-board video surveillance systems. Designed specifically for transit environments, mSET simplifies video management, enhances the use and availability of information, maximizes resources and increases vehicle uptime.

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Operator Performance

The mSET Operator Performance module provides a comprehensive solution for transit agencies to improve safety and reduce liability claims. Operator Performance is integrated into the full mSET Software suite for easy management of all on-board video cameras from a single, comprehensive platform.

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Inside Operator Performance

The Operator Performance workflow makes it easy to reinforce positive behaviors by creating and managing fleet-wide evaluation criteria to efficiently coach and recognize operators.. Whether hosted or on-premise, agencies can review their own clips, or leverage our review service with transit-certified, objective reviewers.

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Operator Performance, Part Two

Take a look at the Operator Performance module in action, and see how by using organized coaching workflows and event-based video clips, transit agencies can effectively capture daily driving habits to identify trends and risks, provide targeted and individualized training, and measure performance over time.

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